Ta-Da !

Finally.Pumped and ready to rumble!! Dont really know why, but it could be blamed on excessive cake-eating. But, Im here to write – like everybody else. Or atleast try (like everybody else).
To be honest, Im still not comfortable with this blogging thing. Just spent three hours designing my blog. And dont even get me started on the blog name. But I’m sure I’ll settle down soon enough and then you can all LIKE my posts ( Where is that LIKE button anyway?!).

Safe to say, this isn’t going to be an outlet(not directly, anyway) for any sort of hormonal or cranky musings. No. It really is just about me eating. How self-indulgent is THAT! (Take that,Thai Spa!). And yes, phrases such as “hungry for more?” and “food for thought” will be avoided. My assistant tells me they are no longer funny.

So! To the faceless reader out there, please be pretty. This is going to be EPIC!


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