I think Ive finally warmed up to change.I’ve realized that its the perfect antidote to a bad case of boredom, something I’m clearly suffereing from. For the past couple of months Ive been constantly ( forcefully, at times) looking for that ‘extra kick’. Ive tried sleeping diagonally on my bed, given yoga some attention and even contemplated calling breakfast dinner, to see if it made me like cereal better. Nichts!So when I finally got the chance to run away to a different city, I was ecstatic. I packed days in advance and made lists of lists that needed to be made. I was returning to a city I love dearly; for all its memories and for all my favorite people who call it home. I also secretly knew that it was the perfect place for a pretentious foodie like me. All the drama, all the glamour on a single plate! I did have noble intentions of trying some of the local fare but logistics and indigestion got the better of me.

But I got super pretty photos thanks to a dear friend’s awesome lens (and company).
Sigh. I have so many things to save up for.

Where is that paycheck?!

Let me know what you think!

Thank God it’s Sundae and Moroccan Mint Tea
The lightest, fluffiest Panacotta Pudding and crunchy Fish Sticks
Mini Beef Steaks and thyme infused Lamb Chops
A beautiful evening and a glorious afternoon..


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