Stop. Eat. Go.

I can’t believe it took me so long to actually sit down and get these photos ready. Photos I took almost 3 weeks ago, when I was on a surreal break.
Wow. I DO lead a ridiculously busy life.But let’s forget that for a minute ( because I do have only a minute to do that) and relive those wonderful 7 days I spent in Chennai, Pondicherry and most importantly Auroville. 7days packed with laughter, silence, exploration, introspection – all between bites of truly wonderful food.

Is it the place that makes the food or the food that makes the place? A question I’d rather not mull over because it really doesn’t make a difference. How can you explain the joy you feel while digging into a sublime Spicy Fried Fish or while you enjoy a Creole lunch in a gorgeous heritage home. Or the calm that spreads into every muscle while you stuff down the perfect slice of cheesecake or even being lost in translation over a scrumptious Tamilian-French meal ?

Lets leave those questions unanswered and get down to ogling over the pictures.
They almost make me weep.

Filter Coffee at Dakshinachirtra and Fried Fish at Moonrakers, Mahabalipuram
A deliciously ‘simple’ meal at Indus Cafe, Auroville – you pay what you want and eat as much!
Cafe Sve-Dam, Auroville – the best Cheesecake !
A beautiful breakfast at a little French Cafe in Pondicherry. And no, spending 2 hours over breakfast is not criminal.
A Creole meal in Pondicherry – SO yum !
A Tamilian –  French meal with new friends – only to celebrate a belated Christmas !                                         ( Dont miss the Foie Gras !)
An institution in itself, La Terrace in Auroville is where all the gossip is at ! 
And we all know gossip = munchies! 
Enjoying a Ricotta and Spinach filled Galette on a sunny Sunday Afternoon – yeah, I could get used to that!

As always – let me know what you think !


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