Just Because.

I think there’s a FoodGlomp in all of us. For some of us, its out there in the open, bold and hungry and for some us its more well, latent, aroused only in the company of fellow FoodGlomps. And Im so lucky to have SO many FoodGlomps in my life, that when gifted with a last minute holiday, they first thing we do is go stuff our faces. Simple people, simple pleasures.Now we all know how much I love Sundays. Sundays =  brunches. Sunday =  Extra sleeping – in time. Sundays = wearing green pants. In short – the perfect day of the week. And I just transformed a mundane Tuesday into a Sunday. Just like that. Bam! *insert 80’s pop dance moves*

So lets all hold hands and solemnly vow to do this more often.
Feast away, my people !
( Special thank you to my fellow FoodGlomp for the 30% discount coupon. Went a long way, buddy!)

Pot of freshly brewed ( diabolical!) Plantation Coffee with a Cheese Croissant
Granola with Milk and Fruit and a Ham, Bell Pepper and Cheese Omlette
A Tuesday well spent !

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