The Bangalore Bubble.

I guess its safe to presume each of us have a ‘place’ on this planet. Slightly differing from what Karan Johar proclaims about love (don’t pretend you dont know what Im talking about), I think we all have our corners in the world. Its that little corner that keeps calling out to you now and then. And when you do end up answering that call, it completely sucks you in. Its that little corner that connects you to who you really are, gives you great food and lovingly assures you that you’ve not put on any weight. No prizes for guessing where my little corner is.But Im not going to say much because as always, Im going to let the photos make up for my soppy writing.

This one is for you Bangalore –  because you gave me my favourite people and because you make a bloody good Masala Dosa.

Bangalore, anyone?
*Special thank you to the Foodie Babes who were ever so considerate about my documenting everything we devoured. I hope Ive done the food justice ! *

The Biere Club – great for obvious reasons!
Grilled Chicken Salad and a wonderful house Ale.
Chorizo Spagetti and a perfect English breakfast
Baklava ( ehm) and Pancotta Pudding

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