Modern Mandi #2

Now we all know Farmers’ Markets are great. And my previous post shows that Pune is really catching up with the whole healthy, wholesome food scene. In short, lookin’ good!Now what I really enjoyed about this one was a “Celebrity Chef Cook Off” – with chefs Vicky Ratnani, Mayank Tiwari and Ajay Chopra. It was so much fun to see these guys pick fresh ingredients (from the market itself) and cook extraordinary dishes with ordinary ingredients! Karen Anand also launched her new book – Less is More which has recipes making Indian food leaner and better!

I’ve been in a rut these past couple of months with nothing really exciting happening around. This Sunday evening finally got me out of it and well, I’m hungry again!

Also, LOTS of little French Patisseries cropping up – buzz me if you feel the need to stuff your face with a croissant anytime soon.

Chef Vicky Ratnani with his Halloumi salad and whole wheat Pasta dish.
Chef Ajay Chopra with his aubergine and tomato-plum chutney dish.
Chef Mayank with his mango-plum summer salad
Tasting freshly brewed coffee!
Need I say anything?
Party on a table!

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