Sunday Shenanigans.

After 6 weeks of crazy training out in the wilderness, finally found my way back to civilization and of course great food.

This however was not just any kind of lunch – a blogger’s lunch, if you will. Hosted by the lovely Karen Anand at a new Mediterranean themed restaurant in the city, it was well assured that we would be rendered useless for the rest of the day. No complaining there.

It was a pre-set menu, all in a little scroll with taste bites, full main courses and dessert platters to die for.

Well, Im going to leave you to it now. It just started raining and we all know what that means. (Naptime!)

Green Apple Martini with the menu!
Starters platter (Parmesan Coated Zucchini Fritters, Mushroom Balsamico, Scarmoza Grilled Potatoes, Smoked Pimento Crostini, Skewered Prawns, Beer Battered Bombay Duck, Chicken Olivetti and Spicy Meatballs, Red Wine Sangria and a Citrus Salad)
Poppy Crusted Basa with Mustard Long Beans and Barley Risotto and a delicious Seafood Risotto
The Dessert Mezzuna Selection platter with a potful of coffee
The clear winner – Mango Tiramisu

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