EY 191, 24 K.

Oh gosh. It HAS been a while hasn’t it? But I’m so glad to be back – and I promise I come bearing good pictures and lots of stories of glomping plates near and far!

The last year has been incredibly exciting! I visited 3 continents, ate my way through numerous colorful plates of food, drank all the beer and coffee to make a tiny human like me happy and experienced all of this with my brand new travel buddy! (for life, by the looks of it! :))

We started this massive journey with Austria, Vienna and Bugaria in October last year. Fall colours, chilly afternoons and lots of sausages and beer has us munching our way through museums, castles and endless parks!

I then made my way to Santiago, Chile where I spent a wonderful day in the coastal city of Valparaiso (think Pablo Neruda) walking through stunning graffiti filled streets, befriending friendly neighbourhood dogs and indulging in a three hour lunch by the sea. Local seafood ceviche, freshly brewed cold beers, quinoa risotto and prawn salads kept us company and dizzy with “them feels”.

And then, my favourite! We spent a week in Kenya, traversing the utterly stunning Maasai Mara National Reserve (extra postcard attached just because it was that good) and exploring the bustling city of Nairobi. Unfortunately we loved Ethiopian food a lot more than Kenyan food, so we spent an afternoon at Habesha trying out a traditional Ethiopian meal, one that’s served on a large sharing platter and indulged in some lovingly prepared, aromatic Ethiopian coffee (that left us buzzing for a while, for sure!)

And now a little bit about the mysterious title of this post. I spent 16 hours on a plane from Abu Dhabhi to Sao Paulo (enroute Santiago) sitting next to a wonderful woman from Brazil who, throughout the journey, told me tales of her travels. She’s probably been to every corner of the world, and now in her late 60s was going back home after 20 long years. She was nervous and giddy with excitement and towards the end of our long conversation, probably noticed my hungry, wistful gaze and said to me, in her dramatic, raspy, heavily accented English, “always travel, but remember to also go back home.” We forgot to exchange names and a part of me wanted to keep it that way. The only way I can identify her today, is by her seat number.

This post’s for you, lady. Wherever you are 🙂


Hallo from Vienna: Spent our afternoons, walking through gards, castles and eating our way through various Weiners (spicy sausages, filled with cheese), sampling cheese and Israeli food at the Nachtmarkt and of course the sinful Sacher Torte!


Prague was every bit magical! Golden afternoons sampling beers to spending a day atop the castle looking down at the city while again, sampling spicy Prague sausages with traditional horseradish and sourdough bread and tasting warm, cinnamony Trednlik which essentially tasted like strips of doughnuts wound up! 


Look how beautiful! Snapshots from our walking trails in Prague, Blagoevgrad (Bulgaria) and Vienna!


Glorious afternoons in Valparaiso and Santiago: From Chilean Beers to fresh seafood ceviche, to minced meat stuffed empanadas to quinoa risottos!Bursts of colour everywhere you look! 


Lunch at Habesha, a traditional Ethiopian restaurant in downtown Nairobi: Eating tibs and wat, vegetables cooked in berebere spices all eaten with the slightly sour injera bread was such a new and wonderful experience for us! That, followed by a traditional coffee session, served with much ceremony, ensured we were in a happy daze through the rest of the afternoon!


And finally! The majestic Maasai Mara! 


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