Glomp goes North East!

Happy 2018 Friends!

While pages of the calendar flip, inboxes flood with articles on how to be a better (best) human being and you commit to (again) eating clean, mean and lean – its good to be back on the bandwagon of “I’m going to make this year count!” [I give myself 10 days to fall back out!]

But the truth is, I AM pumped! Lots of new things coming my way and I have a feeling I’m going to be glomping way more than before. But before we dive into 2018, I have to tell you about my gorgeous end to 2017! Married into an Assamese family I had the wondrous opportunity to take time off work, leave my dusty laptop behind and embark on a journey to the North East of India!

We visited Assam and Meghalaya; spent time in Guwahati, clocking 4 meals a days and drove up to Jorhat and stayed at tea estates that were covered in soft blankets of wintry mist, enjoyed the company of cozy fireplaces and of course mopped up plates full of local Assamese fare – mutton curries, all kinds of fish cooked in mustard, pickled and fermented vegetables and kilos of rice! We then made our way to Shillong, Cherrapunji and visited the village of Mawlynnong (reported to be Asia’s cleanest village) and  enjoyed chilly evenings sharing steaming plates of pork momos, Shillong Chow and local Khasi food!

I absolutely cannot wait to go back; there are just too many un-ticked boxes on my to-do list! For now though, my dusty laptop and a Sunday afternoon spent day-dreaming will have to do 🙂

Hope you enjoy this as much as I did! 🙂


Awesome Assam: L-R: A local, typical Assamese thali at Triptire Ahaz Dhaba (Papaya Khar, Chana Dal, Aloo, Aloo Pitika, Baingan Fry, Two types of Dal, Rice, local river fried fish and Johar rice), scrumptious lunch at Banyan Grove, Gatoonga Tea Estate (Saag, Sarson Fish, Tenga Dal and Chicken Curry), the world’s best Rosogullas with cream and boondi at home and finally, an early morning, staple breakfast at a road side dhaba (Luchi, Aloo Bhaji and Olive pickle) YUM!


Stunning Meghalaya: L-R – Visited two beautiful Cafe Shillongs and gorged local Khasi fare – Pork Bastenga with red rice and potato sticks, Cherra Chicken with turmeric Jaintia rice, juicy pork Momos and of course Shillong Chow (noodles)  YUM!


Incredible North East: When we didn’t have our faces stuffed into plates of food, we were busy drooling over the stunning landscape! From the mighty Brahmaputra in Guwahati, to sprawling tea estates, encountering the sluggish albeit endearing Rhino atthe Kaziranga National Park, stunning valleys en-route Cherrapunji and Mawlynngong, the surreal phenomenon of the Living Root Bridges of Meghalaya and the endless beauty of the dipping sun, heralding the end of the day at 4pm! 🙂


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